• Precise Protect

    Efficient Patient & Staff Management,
    with Precise Tracking of Expensive Equipment

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  • Precise Point

    Never Lose Track of Equipment at Airports

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  • Assure Minesafety

    Assure Safety of Miners & Resources

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  • Precise Glow

    Pick-to-Light & Sort-to-Light Applications
    for Efficient Warehouse Operations

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RTLS Solutions

RTLS - Intelligent Location Management Solutions for Transforming Enterprise-wide Efficiency, Safety, and Agility

In industries as diverse as hospitals, industrial plant, oil rigs, mines, airports and warehouses, understanding where a staff member, a patient, a miner or an expensive piece of equipment is unlocks many opportunities to improve operating and capital efficiency. It can help evacuate miner in distress underground in case of roof collapse; knowing where the nearest doctor is can mean timely care for a patient struggling for life; identifying where the nearest wheel-chair is can mean a world of difference for a patient who has long wanted to go home and is made to wait in the hospital discharge area without causing any further delays; the list of location enabled opportunities is endless.


Cipherdot offers complete solutions to enable new levels of effectiveness and efficiency in multiple industry areas. The solutions include real-time location tracking as well as intelligent IoT.


The WiSeMote™ RTLS Solution is a comprehensive set of components that includes tags, configurator, infrastructure devices, location software, asset management applications, and mobile client software.