RTLS is critical in hospitals - for improved operational efficiency as well as safety. The system provides information on location of assets & relevant personnel spread across the campus. At Cipherdot, we equip hospitals to know exactly who & what is where. Powered by Cipherdot solutions , hospitals will know about information such as:

  • Where the nearest wheelchair is
  • Location of the nearest available ultra-sound machine
  • Number of clean instruments ready for the operating rooms
  • Number of patients in waiting areas of various doctors
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Airport Logistics

Airports are areas of mass movement of people and goods. RTLS helps establish

  • Number of baggage trolleys stationed next to a gate
  • Location of the nearest cargo carrying container belonging to a given airline
  • Availability of nearest tow-truck
  • Location of airport vehicles such as Fuel Truck, Ground Power Unit, Loader Tracking, Terminal Bus
  • Location of nearest medical assistance equipment such as wheelchairs
  • Location & number of passengers waiting to board flights at different gates

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In the Mining industry, knowing the exact location of equipment and personnel that are involved in the business operations is of immense value and improves the operating performance. Ciphedot offerings provide these vital information in real time & solves problems such as:

  • Optimum distribution of miners in different sections of a mine
  • Keeping count & track of mining personnel inside the mines
  • Keeping tab on the temperature & humidity levels at various mining zones to ensure safety of workers in there
  • Ensuring smooth rescue operations & providing exact location of personnel in the emergency zones
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Warehousing and Distribution

Warehouses are, by definition, places where assets are moved about frequently. Cipherdot powered RTLS can be used to derive information such as:

  • Number of clean and functional pallets in stock
  • Number of boxes loaded in a truck in the dock
  • Location of the nearest fork-lift
  • Safety alerts in case of blockage on the route of fork-lift

The WiSeMote™ RTLS solution provides measureable results for enterprise operations in the manufacturing and warehousing segments. It can reduce inaccurate floor inventories, reduce order-time-to-delivery and prevent costly assembly line stoppages due to unavailable inventories.

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