The WiSeMote™ iRTLS™ Solution is a comprehensive set of components that includes tags, configurator, infrastructure devices, location software, asset management applications, and mobile client software.

Cipherdot has a comprehensive portfolio of RTLS offering with which it serves the target industries. Our RTLS offering is agnostic of the network infrastructure that provides Wi-Fi services. However, given that a large majority of such infrastructure is built using Cisco network equipment, our hardware components (Asset Tags, Personnel Tags, Chokepoint Exciters) are fully CCX compliant lending them to seamless operation in the Cisco network.


Cipherdot iRTLS™ solution encompasses a rich set of location devices, network infrastructure devices and accessories that can provide a 'Cipherdot only' environment for real-time location assisted applications, which is especially useful for small medium enterprise who do not have much of the networking infrastructure. Read more

Location Devices

Infrastructure Devices


Cipherdot iRTLS™ application suite is a comprehensive set of base modules and vertical industry specific applications. The base modules include the Data Aggregation from Cipherdot designed hardware and network devices or Cipherdot devices operating in 3rd party infrastructure such as Cisco MSE. Read more


Device Management Software