Device Management Software


The Device Management Software (DMS) is a software component that is integrated with the SmartTrak Asset Management Software. It is a web browser based component that supports configuring, monitoring, and maintaining WiSeMote® tags. The DMS provides for easy configuration of the devices to operate in various modes by setting the required fields, and to support 'Over the Air' firmware upgrades. The DMS also provides for effective device management to establish the health, connectivity, and security of the devices. Using DMS, the firmware in the WiSeMote® tags can be upgraded wirelessly, over a Wi-Fi link whenever required. In some configurations, the DMS works with the WM0 Wireless Configurator.

Solution Highlights

  • Over the Air Firmware and Configuration Update - Tag firmware and configuration settings can be updated wirelessly through a web server.
  • Monitoring and Alerts - The health and status of the tags are monitored, and alerts generated when required.


  • Compatible with SmartTrak Software to provide user-friendly screens to perform operations on tags.
  • One stop configuration utility for all devices.
  • Users can perform firmware upgrade on tags easily.
  • Monitor battery percentages.
  • Track and monitor tampered and faulty tags.
  • Helps take immediate action based on tag status and reports.

Operational Scenarios

Certain configuration scenarios require the use of WM0 Configurator. The DMS works with the WM0 Configurator device for configuring tags from the factory default state. Once deployed, based on the deployment mode, the software monitors and manages the tags over the network directly via a dedicated Access Point or Configurator as required.