Cipherdot's Asset Tracking and Management Software provides location-based visualization, reporting and management for all classes of assets and personnel in a variety of environments. It enables the enrolment of tags and assets into the system, inclusion of maps and floor plans, reporting of current and historical data, and a host of other features. It interfaces to Cipherdot's SuperMote™ locating solution, as well as to Cisco's CMX or PI based locating solutions. It generates and processes alerts and notifications arising from various situations and rules, and includes an interface to Cipherdot's WM-CPE Chokepoint Exciter - typically installed at ingress or egress points.

The software allows individual or bulk upload of data related to tags, personnel, and assets, and allows the creation of groups and classes. The mapping and visualization functions include the provision to define zones, and to obtain asset reports per zone.

The software supports generation of current inventory reports, historical asset movement information, and setting up email or other notification. The software can be customized for each deployment, and can be interfaced to other enterprise software and systems. It provides a user-friendly web based access.