AI Solutions


Cipherdot's QueSSence platform consists of hardware, software, AI libraries at the edge as well as cloud, and solution accelerators to develop industry specific solutions. The QueSSence for OEM offers Predictive Analytics for Manufacturing, Retail, Industrial and Consumer market.

QueSSence for OEM enables smart systems via predictive analytics

QueSSence comes with a set of machine learning libraries - QueMLib. Using the libraries, OEMs can accelerates time to market for Intelligent connected devices and analytics. The data storage from QueCloud opens door to new business opportunities for OEMs, SI and VARs building solutions using QueSSence. In addition, QueSSence comes with Industry specific AI accelerators to jump-start solution builds. Using these, customers can easily write applications for their application markets.

Medical device solution using QueSSence

QueSSence enables Pacemaker with intelligence to detect anomalies and irregular patterns. The data is then stored on the private or public cloud along with relevant anomaly information.

  • Time stamp;
  • Data set that led to conclusion;
  • Other relevant information such as frequency, deviation etc.

QueSSence also generates predictive alerts such as recommendation to visit doctor based on the anomaly level.
OEMs use QueSSence to rapidly build the product and introduce new products and services around Pacemaker.

Pacemaker built with QueSSence for OEM

QueSSence allows
  • Predictive Analytics (alert doctors)
  • Device edge intelligence (Anomaly Detection)
  • Mobile monitoring (for calling 911)
  • Rapid development via solution accelerators
  • Data storage in cloud

Mining industry solution using QueSSence

A mining truck must undergo maintenance at a certain interval due to rigorous nature of the workload. A mining truck OEM develops a product as an add on the the truck, which monitors vibration, dust, distance, temperature to make intelligent decisions regarding the maintenance. If the rigor is too high, and alert is generated suggesting that the truck be taken for maintenance.

OEMs use QueSSence for OEM platform to gather data from fleet of mining truck via cloud solution accelerators. OEMs introduce new products and services based on QueSSence for OEM platform.

Consumer/Retail industry solution using QueSSence

Currently washing machine manufacturers have no way of knowing how their machines are performing in field and if any maintenance dollars can be generated.

Washing machine built with QueSSence for OEM

QueSSence allows

  • Monitoring of machine in the field via sensors
  • Predictive Analytics (something is about to go wrong)
  • Alert generation (Call or SMS)
  • Rapid development via solution accelerators
  • Data storage in cloud

OEMs can use this to offer better customer services and business models to their users. Users can build apps like energy monitoring and cost savings.

QueSSence for OEM comes will provide the following:

  • AI on the edge and cloud for predictive analytics
  • Ability to integrate with popular cloud platforms
  • Ability to host on premise or on cloud
  • Scalability and Elasticity
  • Scalable micro-services for developing web and mobile apps, billing and secure services
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