Assure Minesafety

Next -Generation Solution For Enhanced Mine Safety andProductivity

Mines are hazardous work environments. A prime concern is the safe evacuation of miners trapped in a mine or portions of a mine due to rockfall, flood, explosions, or fire. Rescue teams should be aware of the number of miners, the identity of each miner working underground, and the last known location of each one of them. Another area of concern is worker injury due to proximity to operational vehicles and heavy equipment. Miners need to be provided signage and warnings about areas that are unsafe for entry and when they need to move to a safe zone. Vehicle operators need to ensure safety when in the vicinity of other vehicles that may not be directly visible. Supervisors at mines should also be immediately alerted when unauthorized personnel move into hazardous or sensitive areas.

The use of technology in mines is highly important to improve productivity and operational efficiency. This involves knowledge of the real-time location of people and equipment as well as analysis of movement over a period of time. Mine management personnel should be aware of equipment utilization rates to determine an optimal allocation of resources for activities in different areas of the mine.


The Assure Minesafety solution addresses all of these requirements and challenges, and more. It combines innovative hardware components built with the company's own industry-leading wireless MCUs and a comprehensive software platform that provides location visualization, analytics, alerts, and more.

Real-Time Personnel Location

The solution provides the current, and last known location of personnel. It provides filters to categorize personnel in specific zones. The information is displayed as a list or on a map on a desktop or mobile device for ease of use by supervisors or rescue teams. The visualization also replaces the legacy 'tag board' on which miners place their name tags before proceeding underground.

Restricted Area Entry Detection

Some areas in the mine may be restricted to certain personnel categories only, while other areas may be closed for a specific duration due to hazardous operations in progress. Mines often have signages as visual indication to personnel. However, safety requires positive identification of unauthorized entry. The Assure Minesafety solution provides for such dynamic definition of zones and providing instant alerts when personnel move into such zones. Miners are also notified which helps them take immediate action.

Miner Notification

One of the components of Assure Minesafety is a Wi-Fi enabled cap lamp. When a miner needs to be informed of a general emergency, or a specific situation, the solution provides for the ability to send messages to his cap lamp. These messages result in the blinking of the lamp which the miners can notice even in noisy environments. The solution also provides for acknowledging receipt of the warning by pressing a button on the miner's cap lamp. Safety staff then receive notification of the miners who have acknowledged the warning.

Proximity Notifications

Assure Minesafety provides for the determination of excessive proximity of two vehicles, or a vehicle to a miner, and provides warnings to personnel involved in the situation. Supervisors also are informed of the instances of these proximity situations which help them review their operational procedures.

Lone Worker Safety

A lone miner, caught in an emergency situation, can press the button on his device to have an instant notification sent to a supervisor or safety staff wherever they may be. The system also detects lack of movement of a miner and notifies safety staff for further action.

Productivity and Operational Efficiency

Assure Minesafety analytics included in the solution operates on current as well as historical data. Mine operations staff will therefore be aware, for example, of the path taken by an equipment or miner over a specified period of time. They are informed of the concentration of personnel in specific areas and the utilization rate of equipment.

Solution Overview - Assure Minesafety