Precise Glow

Advanced Wireless Solution for Pick-to-Light & Sort-to-Light Applications

Cipherdot's Precise Glow is an extension of the Precise Point logistics solutions. In addition to the Personnel tags and Asset tags used in the logistics solution, Precise Glow uses Pick-to-Light (PTL) or Sort-to-Light (STL) tags. These tags are used in collaboration with Cipherdot's enterprise software solution to facilitate locating a package quickly and accurately. The solution comprises of the PTL tags attached at every shelf or bond location in the warehouse. Packages located at these location are generally subject to certain legal clearance, and the solution enables an LED Glow on the tags when a package has been cleared to be picked. The glow will be visible to warehouse personnel, which enables them to precisely locate and pick the package. This solution finds great application in e-commerce warehouses, where operational efficiencies are key. 

STL application is similar to PTL, the only difference being that instead of picking packages as in PTL, here packages are sorted based on destination parameters - such as zip codes - where the packages need to be shipped. STL application eliminates the need for manual intervention in package sorting, which is generally time consuming and not operationally efficient. 

Solution Benefits

The Precise Glow™ solution address the challenges faced in picking and sorting operations in the logistics industry. It combines innovative hardware components built with the company’s own industry leading wireless MCUs and a comprehensive software platform that provides visualization, analytics, alerts, and more. 

Improved Operator Productivity

Warehouse personnel need not spend time figuring out the location of the package that needs to be picked. The visual assistance provided by the Precise Glow application will enable faster picking and improved operator productivity. While sorting, it eliminates the time consuming manual process. 

Reduced Paperwork

With visualization and analytics provided with the solution, paper work is almost eliminated. The solution provides for efficient tracking of operations through various smart devices. 

Reduced Errors 

Manual picking and sorting processes are error-prone. This can sometimes have legal consequences. The Precise Glow solution will help eliminate such errors associated with manual processes. 

Ease of Integration

There are a number of Warehouse Management Systems for RTLS today. The Precise Glow solution allows for easy integration with such existing solutions, that may enable quicker set up.  


The solution is easy to understand, and is simple and intuitive. With little training, the personnel and supervisors will be able to use the solution, thereby eliminating expensive training, and avoiding long downtimes.

Reduced Operational Costs

The Precise Glow™ solution helps improve KPI in any warehouse setup. With improved KPIs, operational costs may be reduced, improving throughput and efficiency.