Precise Protect

Next Generation Solution to ensure patient, staff, & equipment safety

Patient care is crucial in the healthcare industry. Doctors and urgent care professionals may sometimes find it difficult to track the current state of a patient, or to precisely locate where a patient is. This is particularly important when immediate care is expected in cases of an emergency - such as a patient fallen in the hallway. Staff management is another key aspect where it is necessary to ensure there is enough staff in the hospital to ensure sufficient care for patients. Doctors and supervisors also need to be aware of identify of employees available in a particular shift. Hospitals are home to some of the best technologically advanced equipment. While these inevitable help in patient care, they are sometimes incredibly expensive to acquire. Hence, it always becomes necessary for healthcare personnel to locate, and also ensure the safety of such equipment.

The use of technology in healthcare is highly important to improve patient management, staff management and productivity, asset management and safety. This involves real-time location of people and equipment as well as analysis of movement over a period of time. It is also essential to determine optimal and efficient allocation of resources.


The Precise Protect™ solution address these challenges faced in the healthcare industry. It combines innovative hardware components built with the company’s own industry leading wireless MCUs and a comprehensive software platform that provides location visualization, analytics, alerts, and more. 

Real-time patient tracking 

The solution provides for real-time visualization of the current, or the last known location of a patient. It can also provide filters to categorize patients based on zones. Movement analysis helps in determining if a patient is out of the room for longer durations, and if there is an emergency. 

Real-time asset tracking

The solution allows you to precisely locate assets in a hospital. Wireless tags mounted on the assets can be enrolled into the system, including maps and floorplans, and current and historical data. The mapping and visualization functions included will help define specific zones and provide asset reports for each zone. Most equipment used in the healthcare industry are expensive, and it only makes sense to be able to track and locate them in real time to ensure safety of such equipment. 

Unauthorized access prevention

Some areas in the hospitals may be restricted to certain personnel categories only, such as doctors, while other areas may be closed for a specific duration due to maintenance or emergency operations. Generally, visual signages are provided to alert personnel. Nevertheless, it is important to identify and prevent unauthorized entry. The Precise Protect™ solution provides for such dynamic definition of zones and provides instant alerts when a breach has occurred. 

Staff and Resource management

Ensuring enough doctors and other healthcare personnel are present at any point in time is necessary in the healthcare industry. This is also to ensure there is sufficient care for patients at all times. The Precise Protect™ solutions allows for such employee management and allocation. It will also help supervisors chart out plans for efficient staff and resource utilization. 

Bed management

Hospitals need to ensure there is enough beds to house patients. It would not be acceptable for healthcare personnel to be unaware of any available beds, thereby denying care to a patient in need. Precise Protect™ solution may provide bed information alerts for efficient tracking.  

Fall detection

Sometimes, patients may wander around to keep themselves active. It becomes necessary for healthcare personnel to precisely locate such patients in real-time should there be an emergency such as a fall. 

Theft prevention

Loss of expensive equipment in an industrial set up becomes a major liability. Precise Protect™ provides for real time location of equipment, and alerts personnel or supervisors when such equipment are moved, or removed from the premises. 

Infant Abduction

Wearables solution using Precise Protect helps parents rest assured about the safety of their new born child in hospitals. The solution alerts personnel immediately when such a breach of security occurs. 

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